About Us


Believe us when we say that it’s more than just the heart. It is a space created by you, with all aspects put into consideration -- your head, your heart, and the soul. It remembers both your presence and absence, a most welcoming spirit that awaits whether you stay or you go.

We make that feeling last whether you’re inside or outside in KIMI Home and Lifestyle, your contemporary haven for all things home and lifestyle. We are about curating pieces that last longer than trends, because timelessness is always of the essence. Ranging from chromatic kitchenware to homeware, we are the perfect partner to creating long lasting memories in your abode.

Born out of a passion and love for service, the brand is a dream fulfilled and rooted in hospitality. The word “KIMI” in itself spells delight, joy, and ultimately, “you” and we want that feeling, that experience to last all your days. At KIMI Home and Lifestyle, we only have one commitment to you, and that is to create beautiful spaces with you without breaking the bank. We believe that you can manifest your dream home as well as foregoing the need to expend.

We are here to make memories with you, to nurture that dream, and to thrive in abundance. Welcome to KIMI, where we gift you with memories of home.